Wanda VS Tanya


    Vice comes to the busty Brune!

    Tanya is usually elegant, she wins her fights with panache and always shows a certain restraint because she knows her superior strength.

    Wanda wanted to take advantage of what she took for kindness from Tanya, but it didn't take long to provoke our black-haired tigress.

    From the moment Tanya felt humiliated by Wanda's facesitting, it's the beginning of the end for our crazy red-headed!

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    Camel clutch (x2), Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Facesitting, Boston Crab, Reverse Headscissors,  Facesitting 'Cameltoe' Clutch Humiliation.

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    12 min
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    Laziness is a very BAD thing! [FACESITTING VICTORY]

    The battle never ends! Tanya and Alixia are solicited once again by our sponsor! This time it's Tanya's turn to show what she can do. She shows us the extent of her technique, Alixia doesn't react much but it seems to be a long-term strategy!

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