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    Vixen VS Milana


    The first female wrestling shooting we ever had!

    This is the first match from oXfighterz production.

    There are so many things to say about this match. Each girl has trained hard and wants to prove she's the best. Vixen is tuff and flexible. Milana is vicious and strong. Check out the match to see who will win this sexy duel!

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    Dragon sleeper, Camel clutch, Body scissors, Boston crab, Rear Headscissors, Hair pulling

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    10 min
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    Vixen is always so provocative. Tanya is still so calm and still in domination mood. It's going to blow up again! The girls choke each other then Tanya takes advantage to totally screw Vixen and inflict the most delicious tortures on her, until she totally humiliates her and takes off her fighting suit! Vixen finds herself almost naked and Tanya will make...

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    Princess Nikki vs Cassy [HUMILIATION]

    That was a very bad day for Cassy. Princess Nikki is so cruel, she doesn't let any second for Cassy to recover. She destroys the poor brunette's back, sits on her face and smother her with her soft and large boobs. What's more is that she enjoys to humilate her opponent! This is clearly a one way submission match!

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    Suzy vs Vixen [BEACHY WEDGIES]

    Beachy Wedgies Fight! Vixen and Suzy come back !! Vixen is enjoying the beautiful weather for a tanning session at the water's edge. She is surprised by Suzy who attacks her from behind and begins to strangle her. Then it becomes a real fight and each tries to tear the thong of the other, and this fight turns into a Wedgies contest at the end!

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    Alixia dominates Tanya [HEADSCISSORS KO]

    Alixia is usually dominated by Tanya, but today she wants to give her the change. Alixia shows her new skills!! She will show you the new wrestling moves she learned! Camel clutch, Bow and Arrow and Headscissors included in this program!!! Will Tanya resist to Alixia sensual power!?

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    Mistress Amrita vs Suzy [REVENGE]

    Suzy is a resistant and skilled Judofighter who knows how to control her opponent. You all know what happened between Amrita and Suzy during previous match OXFZ0089. This fight gives rise to numerous exchanges of headscissors and other humiliating submissions.

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    Exotic suits! Temperature rises HIGH! Tanya says there is no way Milana can claim to be the sexiest in the gym. The two beautiful brunettes then embark on a sexy fight, dressed in ultra naked outfits ...The sexiest oxfighterz fight you've ever seen!

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    Short and Sexy Match! This wrestling fight is a very quick one! Actually Tanya doesn't waste time and wins quickly against Vixen!

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    Tanya VS Alixia

    Tanya gets more and more Savage! We knew Tanya as an elegant and very classy fighter. Alixia humiliated her with a breast smother, and obviously she decided to respond to this technique with new very sexy humiliation. Tanya then engages Alixia in breast smothering too but above all she makes use of a frenzied facesitting. She can't help finishing the...

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    FIRST Fight for our suicide girl !!!Mandeelou and Vixen are eternal rivals, everytime they meet, they get their claws into each other and it is getting almost competitive. In a vicious fight to determine who is the top oXfighterz Girl. They both love to go at it and this is only the begining...

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    Maya VS Nikita

    First Wrestling Brawl !!! Maya is a real tigress Her strength comes from the desire to dominate her opponents. The beautiful Nikita has just joined us. She is strong, determined and enjoys fighting.

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    Tanya's unfair match vs Milana

    Vixen punishes Tanya for losing Tanya was not in a good shape that day Milana challenged her in a submission fight, Tanya lost all her strength. Milana completely destroys her and leaves her lying on the mat. At this moment Vixen arrives and sees Tanya lying on the floor and she can't accept that her partner is so weak, so she decides to give her a...

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    Sarah will rapidly understand that Milana is a vicious woman. This girl is tuff and uses her body to her advantage to surprise Sarah in a classic match between blonde and brunette! Sarah is just out of training and could not have chosen a more difficult opponent for her first wrestling fight than Milana, but she has some hidden resources as well...

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    Milana destroys Sarah

    This is the first fight between Sarah and Milana at oxfighterz lounge. Milana is a dominant girl and takes quickly advantage. She bends Sarah with some vicious Boston crab variations. She ends her up with a side headscissors combined with a one-leg Boston crab!

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