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    Vixen VS Milana


    The first female wrestling shooting we ever had!

    This is the first match from oXfighterz production.

    There are so many things to say about this match. Each girl has trained hard and wants to prove she's the best. Vixen is tuff and flexible. Milana is vicious and strong. Check out the match to see who will win this sexy duel!

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    Dragon sleeper, Camel clutch, Body scissors, Boston crab, Rear Headscissors, Hair pulling

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    10 min
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    This is the schoolgirl fight you shouldn't miss! Suzy's strong thighs against Vixen sexy legs. They fight a merciless battle so that the opponent ends up between the thighs of the winner. Vixen is vicious fighter, Suzy is a skilled one, who'll win?

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    Sexy Boxing Match! The first boxing bout ordered by one of our fans! Tanya is taller but her opponent is a real warrior, she takes up the challenge! Suzy and Tanya had a long training before this match. This first fight made them want to have more and more boxing fights. Don't hesitate to give us your feedback on this new video!! Music by JDR

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    Sarah will rapidly understand that Milana is a vicious woman. This girl is tuff and uses her body to her advantage to surprise Sarah in a classic match between blonde and brunette! Sarah is just out of training and could not have chosen a more difficult opponent for her first wrestling fight than Milana, but she has some hidden resources as well...

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