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Arrogance never pays [3 VS 1]


It's not a bad quarter hour, or even thirty difficult minutes...

...But almost AN HOUR of humiliation for Vixen!

The most provocative female from oxfighterz roster thought she would take the victory for a few minutes. The rest is less funny for her. Vixen quickly wins against Mandeelou with a nice Submission Romero but the sequel becomes hell for her. Tanya arrives followed by Suzy. Vixen is then taken apart by the sexy-shock duo. Backbroken, choked, strangled, Vixen is completely dominated until the end of the fight. She really takes it in the face!

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Featured: Romero, Overhead Double Toed Leglock Bow and Arrow, Facesitting, Facesitting KO, Smothering, Victory Pose, Abdominal Stretch, Over the shoulder  Backbreaker, Torture Rack, Stretch Muffler, Boston Crab, Breast Smothering, Figure four Headscissors, Figure four leglock, Figure 4 leglock, Camel Clutch and Boston Crab combo, Double Armbar, Surfboard stretch and Breast Smother Combo, Double Armbar and Legspread Combo, Dirty Talk, Facesitting, Legspread, Humiliation, 3VS 1, 2 VS 1, 2V1, 3V1, 2V2, 2VS2

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61 min
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Dominatrix vs Wrestler! Imagine Antscha having her legs wrapped around Amrita's body and squeezing the life out of the Dominatrix while choking her out. Amrita in a sleeper, grabbing the legs of Antscha to decrease the pressure on her ribs while Antscha tightens the choke and Amrita is shouting in pain and coughing. Antscha is merciless here, and increase...

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Keira VS Wanda [One Piece Fight]

If you saw video nr OXFZ0074, you know it's on between this brutal brune and that crazy red head! In a rematch you asked for and the two girls wanted, Keira and Wanda engage in an all-out fight that could be better than the first one!

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Suzy vs Tanya [TINY TINY]

Terribly Bikini!! Suzy waited for this for a long time, and so you did !!! Our two fighterz put on their sexiest outfits to impress you. Tanya is experimenting with new takeovers. Suzy manages to take over Tanya. Such a sexy and exciting match !!!

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Keira and Nikita beat up Wanda [2VS1]

A dangerous Wrestling Duo Wanda is harshly treated and submitted We did not know the complicity between Keira and Nikita, this sexy duo promises to be dangerous. Actually they know each other very well. Their opponent did not expect such a humiliation and the two sisters are having fun and take great pleasure in humiliating our poor Wanda

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Exotic suits! Temperature rises HIGH! Tanya says there is no way Milana can claim to be the sexiest in the gym. The two beautiful brunettes then embark on a sexy fight, dressed in ultra naked outfits ...The sexiest oxfighterz fight you've ever seen!

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Suzy smashes Frany [SPINE CRACKERZ 2]

Suzy demolishes a Bodybuilder She decided to take Frany seriously. Suzy doesn't like the arrogance of her opponent, she will gain the advantage quickly because she can't stand being humiliated by a bodybuilder. Suzy knows a thing or two about breaking bones, vertebrae and joints ... Frany is really going to sweat and suffer.

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Sarah will rapidly understand that Milana is a vicious woman. This girl is tuff and uses her body to her advantage to surprise Sarah in a classic match between blonde and brunette! Sarah is just out of training and could not have chosen a more difficult opponent for her first wrestling fight than Milana, but she has some hidden resources as well...

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Humiliation always leads to revenge.

Tanya doesn't like to be ashamed at all, she's determined to get a revenge. Tanya shows Alixia what humiliation is!! She will use her whole body to humiliate and hurt her! Will Alixia resist to Tanya's sexy legs!? Camel clutch, Tuff Boston crab Breast Smothering and Headscissors included in this SEXY fight!!!

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Vixen tears Irina [ONE WAY MATCH]

Everybody knows Irina's extreme flexibility, BUT ...With lots of provocations and powerful scissors, the painful punishment becomes brutal as Irina fights furiously to avoid injury when Vixen put her in a strong inverted bearhug.Even if Irina is very flexible, she finally succumbs to the assault with a severe and unavoidable Boston crab attack. No one can...

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Tanya destroys Mandeelou [CRAZY BOSTON CRAB]

Tanya is still DEFINITELY fond of Boston crab!! Again she leaves the locker room in lingerie and will come and surprise someone during her training: Today it's Mandeelou's turn to have her back broken! Mandeelou is not as flexible as Tchabadass and Tanya knows it, and that's what's good for her! Tanya bends, twists, folds, and she loves that!

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Nikita vs Tanya [BARELY COVERED]

The very sexy and highly anticipated match!!! Tanya wears a two-piece bikini that covers almost nothing. Nikita wears a one-piece lingerie that leaves no place to imagination. Tanya tries to put Nikita in more and more humiliating positions but Nikita responds with even sexier moves.

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Redhead Power [Part 4]

Guess what? Our fan asked for a fourth round in the meeting between Tanya and Alixia. And now it's going to screw up again for our poor Tanya. Alixia's quiet strength will strike again and the pretty busty brunette is going to get f*cked in the face again. Include a stunning titty bearhug from the start of the fight! A totally humiliating fight.

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Wanda VS Tanya

Vice comes to the busty Brune! Tanya is usually elegant, she wins her fights with panache and always shows a certain restraint because she knows her superior strength. Wanda wanted to take advantage of what she took for kindness from Tanya, but it didn't take long to provoke our black-haired tigress. From the moment Tanya felt humiliated by Wanda's...

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