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Power Beachy Bitches!


A new demonstration of power at the beach!

Lots of people were watching the fight from behind the cam guy, and it's no wonder!

Frany and Monica Mack are not going dead hand in this 100% competitive fight. No weird attempts at grabs, just real ground combat where the difficulty is increased by the soft sand.

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Featured: Beach fight, Competitive, Submissions, Bikini, Public Fight.

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12 min
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It's not just the third fight between Suzy and Frany. It's even more than that. Girls know each other more and more in combat. Suzy really wants to break her competitor's back and submit her. Frany is ready to humiliate her opponent. More and more impressive takes on oxfighterz, with extreme boston crabs and an impressive ceiling hold!

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Ruth Crushes Tanya

Tanya was keen the meet the great Ruth, finally it was a very bad experience for her! Ruth completely destroyed Tanya and lifts the tall brunette in many ways with her big muscular arms. Ruth breaks her back, twists her neck and pulls her panties. She even bites her at the end!!!

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