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  • Extreme Female Boston Crab

Suzy smashes Frany [SPINE CRACKERZ 2]


Suzy demolishes a Bodybuilder

She decided to take Frany seriously.

Suzy doesn't like the arrogance of her opponent, she will gain the advantage quickly because she can't stand being humiliated by a bodybuilder. Suzy knows a thing or two about breaking bones, vertebrae and joints ... Frany is really going to sweat and suffer.

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Featured: Posing, Biceps Flexing, Muscle comparison, Bearhug, Bodyscissors, Facesitting, Reverse Facesitting, Fireman's Carry, Headsitting Boston Crab, Hips Grab Boston Crab, Torture Rack

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25 min
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Ruth big Muscle is Back! This bikini fight looks like a ryona! This fight was lost in advance for Maya, even if she puts a lot of heart and rage into it. All of this will not be enough to defeat the mighty Ruth. The Beast will completely dominate poor Maya and destroy her in every way.

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It's not just the third fight between Suzy and Frany. It's even more than that. Girls know each other more and more in combat. Suzy really wants to break her competitor's back and submit her. Frany is ready to humiliate her opponent. More and more impressive takes on oxfighterz, with extreme boston crabs and an impressive ceiling hold!

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