Mandeelou VS Suzy


    3-submissions Contest

    A submission contest in three rounds: Camel Clutch Choke, Figure Four Headscissors and DDT Finisher, including some 'over the top' reactions from Mandeelou and an invisible fighter who will punish both girls at the end of the contest. Mandeelou uses her new technique, the TASER THUMB!!! Also many feet close-up on this video, for foot-fetish and INVISIBLE FIGHTER fantasy amateurs!

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    Camel clutch chokes, DDT, Figure four headscissors, Foot fetish close-up, Tazer Thumb, Invisible fighter.

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    29 min
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    FIRST Fight for our suicide girl !!!Mandeelou and Vixen are eternal rivals, everytime they meet, they get their claws into each other and it is getting almost competitive. In a vicious fight to determine who is the top oXfighterz Girl. They both love to go at it and this is only the begining...

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    Tanya destroys Mandeelou [CRAZY BOSTON CRAB]

    Tanya is still DEFINITELY fond of Boston crab!! Again she leaves the locker room in lingerie and will come and surprise someone during her training: Today it's Mandeelou's turn to have her back broken! Mandeelou is not as flexible as Tchabadass and Tanya knows it, and that's what's good for her! Tanya bends, twists, folds, and she loves that!

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    Suzy vs Vixen [KO Fight]

    KO Finish Lingerie vs One piece suit! Vixen and Suzy are big rivals. Vixen's flexibility allows her to withstand a lot of submission shots, but Suzy knows this, that's why she's going to use a whole range of choke holds to destroy our beautiful dancer. It will actually work: Suzy finished Vixen with a KO!

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    Suzy VS Vixen III

    Blonde vs Brunette Brawl! Suzy is a very skilled judo fighter, she knows a lot of submission techniques and experiments everything on Vixen. The brunette is angry and feels powerless against this rude judoka, this will make her finish between Suzy's strong thighs.

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    Suzy VS Tanya [SMOTHERING]

    Definitely hot and sexy lingerie fight! Breast smothering vs Headscissors! In fact it's like sayin' Tanya's boobs vs Suzy's thighs! A fight with very special rules! A fan asked Tanya to challenge Suzy in a Breast Smother vs Headscissors match! They both wear very sexy and fine lingerie.Suzy tried to make Tanya tap in traditional way with a Camel Clutch,...

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