Reference: OXFZ0099


The wait is over! Now you can own the first video shot with Frany fighting Suzy for an intense wrestling match! Suzy is determined, she is the strongest woman on oxfighterz right now. Frany is there to make a difference. Suzy has a wide variety of sockets. Frany is really muscular and has incredibly powerful arms and thighs! Watch these perfect and...

Price €15.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0097

Suzy vs Tanya [TINY TINY]

Terribly Bikini!! Suzy waited for this for a long time, and so you did !!! Our two fighterz put on their sexiest outfits to impress you. Tanya is experimenting with new takeovers. Suzy manages to take over Tanya. Such a sexy and exciting match !!!

Price €11.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0107


It's not just the third fight between Suzy and Frany. It's even more than that. Girls know each other more and more in combat. Suzy really wants to break her competitor's back and submit her. Frany is ready to humiliate her opponent. More and more impressive takes on oxfighterz, with extreme boston crabs and an impressive ceiling hold!

Price €14.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0068

Sheena vs Warrior Amazone

The beast meets the Badass! This is our first collaboration with Sheena and Warrior Amazon and let me tell you something, we will work again with them very soon! This fight smells muscle by itself. Girlz throw each other on the mat, they are crushing, squeezing and bending each other... With a facesitting finish!

Price €19.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0073

Tanya vs Nikita

Tanya and Nikita are geared up in some perfect microminimus thong bikinis! Tanya and Nikita's rivarly seems obvious, but the fight is clear right from the start! See how Tanya made Nikita faint in this terrible sexy match!

Price €16.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0090


Definitely hot and sexy lingerie fight! Breast smothering vs Headscissors! In fact it's like sayin' Tanya's boobs vs Suzy's thighs! A fight with very special rules! A fan asked Tanya to challenge Suzy in a Breast Smother vs Headscissors match! They both wear very sexy and fine lingerie.Suzy tried to make Tanya tap in traditional way with a Camel Clutch,...

Price €7.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0109

Suzy smashes Frany [SPINE CRACKERZ 2]

Suzy demolishes a Bodybuilder She decided to take Frany seriously. Suzy doesn't like the arrogance of her opponent, she will gain the advantage quickly because she can't stand being humiliated by a bodybuilder. Suzy knows a thing or two about breaking bones, vertebrae and joints ... Frany is really going to sweat and suffer.

Price €27.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0103

Bianca meets Frany [CRAZY FIGHT]

When female wrestling goes out of control..! Bianca is known for her strength and technique. Frany is a bodybuilder whose power is immense. It was initially a 'chinlock submissions only' fight but the fight turned into a real competition because neither girl wanted to stop fighting. If you like authentic fights, competition and sweat: this fight is made...

Price €17.99
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0076

Suzy vs Vixen [WEDGIES MATCH]

What better rivals for a wedgie wrestling style match than Suzy and Vixen?! One of our fans challenged them to crown the wedgie queen at! Girlz have both top rounded asses and they all try to hurt their opponent as much as possible! Acrobatic figures with tons of wedgies, moves and holds combined with wedgies. MUST SEE IT!

Price €30.11
In stock

Reference: OXFZ0081

Tanya folds Tchabadass [CRAZY BOSTON CRAB]

Tchabadass was stretching and working on the flexibility of her back. Tanya is wearing a very sexy leotard, she was about to get dressed to leave the training room after her fight with Milana, but she sees Tchabadass doing this warm-up. The tall and sexy brunette approaches the small rose... Tanya will make her save a lot of time... This is clearly a...

Price €13.99
In stock
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