Who we are.

oXfighterz is a French wrestling company, we are based in Paris - FRANCE, see legal notice for further information.

Nina is in charge of  customer service, you can contact her with this email: contact@oxfighterz.com

Tanya is responsible for custom video workflow, for more information you can write to custom@oxfighterz.com

What payments available on oXfighterz.com website?

You can pay directly with your Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer.

Your payments are safe and secured through all the process.

We don't keep any information about your account number or credit card data.

After purchase, how will I receive my video?

Once your payment is approved, you will receive a payment confirmation as well as a download link email. This download link is valid for 48h.

If the download of my video does not work, what should I do?

If your download attempts fail, please contact Nina to contact@oxfighterz.com, she will check the order ID with you and send you a new download link.

What’s the quality of the videos?

All the videos provided by oxfighterz.com are MP4 format in Full HD 1080p or higher in some cases (4K).

Is the video refundable?

No, it isn't. If you have download issues, send a message to Nina contact@oxfighterz.com and she will send you a temporary download link.


1-Internet Explorer is now an obsolete browser and is not working properly with oxfighterz website, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

2-oXfighterz.com might not work properly if you are using private connection, vpn or anonymous connection tools to browse and buy through the website.

3-Your internet connection is too low, 6Mbits is the minimum bandwidth we recommend to download your purchases properly.

4-If you bought several videos, we recommend that you download each video file separately.

5-You need a solid internet connection to pretend downloading multiple video files at the same time.

6-Please also make sure you have enough memory space on your hard disk or on your smartphone, this is the most frequent issue!!!


What can I ask in a custom video?
You can fill the form or email us to custom@oxfighterz.com. According to the content and to your idea, we will provide you a specific quote.
Then, once settled the arrangements, you can send us your detailed script. In the script, you have to be very clear, and write as brief as possible (One microsoft word page maximum + pictures).
Our advice is to add photos of your favorite positions. In fact, girls have to remember the key points of your script in order to realize it in the best way.

What is the maximum time for custom video delivery?
Standard delivery time is 1 month but it can be shorter or longer, depending on the work we have at the moment of your request.
You can be refunded if we have serious issues with the models (sickness, accidents...), or if the delay is more than 6 months.

Is it possible to have a refund for a custom video order?
This is not possible. Refund is only possible when we have serious issues. Once you've ordered your custom, we book the gym and pay the models.
The shooting dates can be postponed, in this case Tanya will send you a message with the updated timings.

How long does it take to make your custom video?
Normally, it takes less than 1 month to make a custom video. When you ask for special guests, it may take more time. It takes time to schedule everything and to edit the final video!